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SUN + SALT was founded by Danielle Blaine, a native Floridian from Fort Lauderdale with a background in art. Our company loves to sport some pretty beachy vibes - that's because when you're from sunny South Florida, the water inspires creativity, and we wanted to feature that throughout our collections.


We care about what we're putting into your homes, and out in the world. We use only high quality, phthalate free fragrances. That means our candles are safe for your loved ones and your fur babies. Our products are also eco-friendly, as we use recyclable materials to make our featured candles.

Here, at SUN + SALT, we feel that each item is a work of art. When someone hand-crafts a product that you bring home to your family, they pay close attention to detail - because they care about the personality behind that product, just as much as you do. 


We hope our handmade items bring an extra level of coziness and comfort to your home, and we can't thank you enough for supporting small business!


From our family, to yours.

- Danielle Blaine
Owner, Sun+Salt

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